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We welcome paper submissions:

The paper should be around 4500 – 5000 words (excluding reference list), typed at 1.5 space, using Times New Roman font size 12. The margins at four sides should be set at 1 inch.

The paper should be written in English for the submission. Please make sure the paper is well-written and properly edited.

Poor language quality, including errors in grammar, spelling or language usage, could lead to outright rejection of the paper during the final publication process.


  • Sociolinguistics
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Neurolinguistics
  • Pragmatics
  • Semiotics
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Lexicology and Lexicography
  • Etymology
  • Culture
  • Educational Linguistics
  • Translation and Interpreting Studies
  • Sign Language
  • Linguistic Studies with other disciplines (architecture, economy, law, medicine, geography, etc.)

Structure of the Paper:

  • Title of the paper in Bold Letters
  • Information regarding the author and co-author, higher education institution, faculty and department/studies program, and email address shall be provided under the paper title.
  • Abstract (150 words).
  • After the abstract, the paper will have an introductory section explaining the background of the research, why the topic is chosen, research problem identification, and the objective of the paper.
  • The body of the paper shall contain brief literature survey, data/finding presentation, and analysis presented in a concise and systematic manner.
  • The final section is the concluding section, showing the result of the analysis, recommendation (if any), and statements of how the research result may contribute to the scholarship and exchange of thoughts in the related field.

All submissions shall be done through the OCS (Open Conference System). If OCS submission fails, please contact the Conference Committee at:

Selected papers will be further processed for publication by an international publisher upon the recommendation from the Symposium’s Editorial Board.

THE FULL PAPER SUBMISSION’S DEADLINE IS: June 30, 2018 Extended to July 15, 2018 (time: 23.59 (GMT +07:00))

Selection Results and Feedback: 15 August 2018 (Extended to 25 August 2018)

More details of submission and guidelines, please click here: Author’s Guidelines

Selected papers will be published in the Scopus-indexed proceedings or Scopus-indexed journals.